My Moneywise Plan

When I first thought about getting real and paying off all the debt, I tried everything in the list below;

  • Surveys
  • Budgets
  • Cash jars
  • Cut up the credit cards
  • Got a load of finance books from the library
  • Took on a 2nd and 3rd job
  • Enrolled in some online training so I could take on a 4th job
  • Told all my friends and family
  • Wrote lists for the food shopping
  • Meal planned and then meal prepped
  • Sold as much stuff on Facebook Marketplace as I could

I started writing down every time I made a payment to my credit card, £2 here and £5 there. It didn’t seem a lot at the time but somehow, I was managing to make a payment of something nearly every day. Several months on I now need to evaluate some of the things I am doing so I can start to work smarter and not so hard.

I did them all. I worked every hour of every day

The first thing I am going to stop doing is surveys. First of all they take up a lot of your time which I guess is ok if you have spare time on your hands which I unfortunately don’t and as I make a very little amount from surveys when I compare it to my other side hustle they have to go. I made about £20 for hours and hours of work so it really isn’t worth my time.

The rest I am still continuing on with for now and as I am not doing surveys anymore I may have a little more time to plan some different meals because fair to say we are getting really sick of pasta and spag bol!


My Story

Looking back, I always had a bit of debt, nothing major but the odd credit card or loan and then a mortgage. It wasn’t ever a problem as I earned a good wage in the finance industry and at the time I was super financially savvy with money because looking after money was all I knew.

But things quickly changed when I became a single mum with a brand new baby. I did go back to work full time, but with nursery fees higher than my mortgage and no childcare help from the now ex-husband, I soon realised I was going to spend at least the next few years totally broke. Whilst I pondered my future, it occurred to me that my current career in banking and working 10 hour days didn’t suit me and my little one anymore so it was time to think of something else I could do. With the following reshuffle in my life, it wasn’t long before debt started to mount up.

I decided to go to university full-time and get a degree in Biology – something completely different to anything I had ever done before. It was great, I was only in university a few hours each day which meant I could be there for my little girl and I got a part time job at Asda to top up the student loan I received.

My wages had drastically reduced and it was super tight but it felt invigorating to be doing something so challenging and different. It helped me to focus on the future and leave the painful past behind.

Since 2014, I have been at university, I got my degree, finished teacher training, started a masters and got divorced. I am super proud of what I have achieved and have enjoyed being able to spend precious times with my daughter – watching plays at schools and attending sports days.

But what I hadn’t been doing was paying much attention to my finances and this has resulted in me accumulating lots of debt.

This debt is crippling and I am sick and tired of never having any money or being able to afford nice things.

The total amount I am almost too embarrassed to say, but here goes … £35,907.04

So in 2019, I started chipping away at the huge debt and managed to pay off £11,942.18, but this still does not clear even half and I don’t want to be paying this off forever, I need a new PLAN!

Edit: It’s now April 2021, I have paid off £19,505.42 and have £16,307.96 to go!!!

What I need is a project, a motivational challenge – a great whopping push to get it done!!

The plan – I am going to be trying as many things as I can to make and save money. I am going to get as Money Wise as I can to help myself and in the process hopefully help others too.

I want to be FINANCIALLY FREE so bad and will do whatever it takes to get there.

I am still at the beginning of my journey and if you’re in the same boat, well we can support each other and do it together.

So, if you fancy joining me on my journey or you have some great saving/money making tips, follow and join me.

Heidi x