5p Rice Crispy Cakes

These are quick, fun and cheap to make, only working out at 5p a cake! I usually make a batch once and sometimes twice a week now as the whole family loves to eat them and I put one in my daughters lunch box every day for her treat!

During my debt free journey, I have been trying to find ways of making our weekly budget go further and as well as not buying branded food, I have also started making the snacks I would usually put in my daughter’s lunch box. Before I did this, she would choose snacks with an average price of £1 for a box of 6. I know it’s not a massive amount, but when you can make 14 tasty treats for 70p I know which one I will be choosing. It’s also fun to do and you can get the kids involved.

All the ingredients are from Tesco, but I know Asda and Morrison’s have their brand equivalent.


Tesco Rice Snaps – 0.65p for 375g

Molly’s Milk Chocolate – 0.30 for 100g

Cake Cases – 1.30 for 100


Break up all the chocolate (100g) into a microwaveable bowl and put on for a minute, stir it and put it on again for another minute. Stir the chocolate to make sure it has all melted and if it hasn’t, put it in again for 15 seconds. Be careful you don’t burn it.

Measure 100g of rice snaps and tip into the melted chocolate. Stir with a spoon until all the rice snaps are covered in chocolate. Split between 14 cake cases. Put in the fridge for 5 minutes, take out and store in a sealed container.

Sometimes we add in marshmellows, mini eggs and chocolate buttons to mix it up abit but I wouldn’t put haribo in. We tried this and it was awful!