Money Wise Talks 04/08/2022

This has been the busiest month of my entire life!

I thought that packing up 17 years of my life would be fairly quick, surprisingly it wasn’t LOL. However busy and long these weeks have been though, this time in my life feels like a dream come true. As at today, we have been in the new pad for just over a month 🙂

We were both so excited to move. My daughter was even excited about the prospect of sleeping on a mattress once I took her bed down. I wasn’t that impressed when I had to sleep on mine after cutting it in half ready for the tip. It wasn’t too bad, but I did feel ancient when I woke up in the morning and struggled getting up off the thing. The next day, both halves of the mattress went to the tip – good bloody riddance! I had to get rid of the king size bed and mattress as they are just too big for my new bedroom and at 17 years old, I probably do need to look at replacing them.

My daughter also wants a new bed as she has outgrown the cabin bed. The problem is I can’t afford to change either of them yet. My mum has lent me a small double bed from one of her guest bedrooms just so I don’t have to suffer an airbed. Not sure when I’ll have the money yet. I am trying to redo my budget but it’s hard when you have no idea what the utilities are going to be. At the moment, I have emptied everything in to my bills account, and when I say everything I mean all my sinking funds and emergency fund so I can make sure I can cover all the bills and anything extra that crops up. I’m so worried about one of the utility companies turning around and saying that because I left them I now own them hundreds of pounds.

Now I have done a full month in the new house I have a decent idea of what everything is going to be but being honest, I don’t feel any better for knowing. I have redone my budget and feel things are going to be tighter than ever. In the past I have had little slips up here and there but now I can’t spend anything outside of the budget. All monies have got to be accounted for and absolutely nothing can go on the credit card.

The plan with the credit cards is to cut them up, but I want to make use of an interest free offer on one of the cards that currently has no balance on so need to do that first. I just need to make sure my address has been updated on all my cards and bank account before I apply for anything as I don’t want it to be rejected. Changing my address has been quite a challenge especially when you try and phone each company and you’re on hold for 40 minutes each time. So for some awful companies I have had to write them with my new address.

I still need to record my You Tube video. I am absolutely rubbish at doing stuff like this, but will persevere.

I also need to save for an emergency fund, start my sinking funds again and keep over paying on the credit card debt. I won’t be debt free next year now, but I DO have a lovely new house. Just got to keep my head above water, like the rest of the UK/World and survive this cost of living crisis.

Apologies for being away for so long! And thank you for the messages. We are ok, just getting used to the new pad, new area and getting the house organised.

The organisation of the house is almost complete and the last box had been emptied today. The only things that are not where they should be is anything due to go into the shed and up in the loft. But before that happens I need to buy a shed and the loft boards. I was going to push myself and buy them this year, but with the gas and electric going up again and Christmas just around the corner, I need to start saving for that now.

I definitely need to raise some more money. Even with doing overtime every week, it’s just not enough. I think I’m going to start Match Betting again and see if I can accelerate the debt pay off journey and maybe even buy the bits I need for the new pad, although the new house things are not priority at the moment.

My new debt total is now at £28,091.69.

This is broken up as £16,271.69 on credit cards and £11,820 on an interest free loan which was borrowed for the house deposit.

I’m not going to lie, the figure does scare me a little, but then I look around at my dream house, I know it’s worth it. I’ve just got to make sure that I keep focused, I don’t let any negative thoughts affect my progress and I keep going. Which is easier said than done. Worry has already started to settle and I’ve already had my first sleepless night. I am sure I am not alone though with the talks of inflation, interest rates rising and utilities going through the roof.

Remember to talk to someone if you feel that you are struggling way beyond what you feel you can handle. If you feel you can’t talk with family or friends, there are organisations out there that offers helpful advice. Such as:

What I Spent Last Week

£28.00 Nails

£3.00 Asda

Total £31.00

Seriously, this is what I have spent since 28 July. Told you I had cut back! The nails I had done were for a treat for my birthday. My mum paid for me to have my hands done and I love them so much that I went and had my toes done. I haven’t had my nails done in years and they make me feel so lovely. This isn’t something that I want to continue due to the cost, but I am going to buy some gel polish and top coat and do them myself.

The £3.00 that I spent in Asda were on a box of chocolates that Shopmium bought me for my birthday! So I bought them last night, scanned the chocolates and the receipt and the money has been sent by PayPal already!

Another reason why I have spent so little is I have taken my cards out of my purse and when I was paid on the 25th, I took out what I would need for the month on petrol and food. £120 was taken for petrol and £134.48 for food (originally it was £120.00 but we ate out once costing £14.48).

We have £44.57 left in the food budget and £85 in the petrol budget. This has got to last us now until 25 August.

So far in this Summer holidays, we have hardly used the car and have spent nothing on days out. So I intend to use the petrol money if I need to for food. I reduced our budget this month to £30 a week for each food and petrol because I didn’t do much overtime leading up to the move and with the move costing more than I had budgeted for, I had to cover it from somewhere. From the next payday, our weekly budget for both will go back up to £40 a week which should give us more than enough for what we need.

It’s going to be tight, but we have a freezer and cupboard full of food, we are warm, happy and healthy. So I’ll take that as a win.

Hope you all have a lovely week, thanks for reading.

H x


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