Things To do Free With Kids

The time has arrived and the six week holidays are upon us. Is it just me or does everyone think they just come around so quick too!

If you’re anything like me, you haven’t planned anything yet and the current state of my bank balance means I’m going to have to be super creative in order to ensure my child has fun and make those all important memories, because well basically, everything we do this Summer needs to be free.

And because parents have to stick together, I thought I would share my research of things to do with you all to help make your Summer with the kids as fun and cheap as can be!

  1. Exploring in your local town. Leave the car at home and go explore all those places you may miss if in the car
  2. Go to the library. Library’s in the UK usually hold free events for children to get involved in, like reading challenges and lego club.
  3. Bake a cake or/and cookies with the ingredients you have in the house.
  4. Board games. Dust off those board games and let the kids whip you at Monopoly!
  5. Arts and crafts. This category is endless! Colouring, building things out of recycling, painting
  6. Build a den using old sheets.
  7. Find a free local pool and go paddling, if your town doesn’t have one find a lake and take a picnic.
  8. Plan a walk to the next town.
  9. Go on a bike ride.
  10. Building lego.
  11. Meet friends at the local park.
  12. Camp outside in the garden if you have a tent. If not, camp downstairs in the living room.
  13. Play hide and seek.
  14. Garden party on the lawn with a picnic.
  15. Movie night.
  16. Teach your kids how to play cards.
  17. Go hiking.
  18. Ask your child to teach you how to play their game; Fortnight, Minecraft, Robux.
  19. Do a book club with your child, read the same book and talk about it after.
  20. Colour their hair with food colouring
  21. Get the paddling pool out, if you don’t have one have a water fight.
  22. Go to the beach, if it won’t cost money to get there.
  23. Do an outdoor treasure hunt and look for certain trees, insects, shops, wildlife etc. Make a card up for your child so they can cross off the items when they see them.
  24. Check out what’s going on in your local community for free events.
  25. Go to the skate park.
  26. Check out the museums to see if they are doing any free entry days.
  27. Feed the ducks at the local park.
  28. Football or another sport in your garden, at the park or in a local field.
  29. Watch the planes takes off at an airport.
  30. Star gazing outside on blankets.
  31. Have a dance party. Get your best clothes on and dance away!
  32. Have a makeover.
  33. Play dress up.
  34. Do an online fitness class; combat, yoga etc.
  35. Let them plan and cook a meal.
  36. Wash the car.
  37. Teach them how to garden. Maybe give them a part of the garden that they can look after and grow things in.
  38. Go wild berry picking.
  39. Rock painting.
  40. Do a jigsaw
  41. Learn a language with your child online.

That’s all I can think of for now, if you have any that I can add, please let me know in the comments below 🙂


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