Money Wise Talks 16/06/2022

I’m back!!

Sorry about disappearing over the last two weeks. I hadn’t planned to take any time off but life just got in the way. As it does 🙂

The last few weeks have been super busy, I am wondering when it will ever slow down at this rate. I shouldn’t grumble though. The last two weeks I had my first weeks holiday since I started my new job, helped my dad sort through my grandads possessions and saw many friends and family. I even took a weekend off the overtime!! I know, crazy right!

Last week, it’s like I’d forgotten how to cook and we ended up at Macdonalds three times! I just wish the McPlant wasn’t so nice, it’s literally my favourite food right now. Although I could forget the fries. I’ve started having a salad and a bottle of water with my McPlant now just to get a balance lol!

In the half term week I gave us a budget of £100 and although we ending up spending most of it on eating out, we only went over by £38. I tried to pull that back and spend even less on the food shop. Which mostly worked apart from last week just going wild on Macdonalds. This week to rein it in we are doing no takeaways this week. And so far so good 🙂

My motivation has dropped off slightly for my blog writing. I have so many ideas and not enough time and energy to do them. I know I’m still finding my feet in my new role and that takes up alot of my time – still not as much as teaching though, so I know I’ve made the right choice. Infact, I’ve never been so happy. The work life balance is perfect and I even attended my daughters sports day the other day. I was so happy and proud to be there, having missed the last few years whilst teaching.

I’m also planning my YouTube content. It’s exciting. I can’t wait to take The Money Wise Mum to the next level. Watch this space – although I appreciate I’ve been saying that since January. Thank you for watching that space for 6 months!! Lol

In other news, The Money Wise Mum’s Instagram account was two years old at the weekend!! And we also hit over 5000 followers! What a lovely milestone to hit on it’s birthday. I’m so proud of how far it’s come and love receiving the inboxes from people that thank you for helping them. I love that some followers I now consider to be friends as we have so much in common and chat away. It was a blessing I found this financial community whilst trying to improve my own financial position and I’m very grateful to be part of it. Thanks for being my accountability partners and keeping me motivated 🙂

I have a completion date for the house now – 30 June!

Literally 2 weeks today! Of course the packing has stepped up and bit by bit everything is being sorted, sold, given away, tipped or packed. Once we are in and settled, I am working on that next goal and ticking this one off. I finally got my Dream House. It’s not 5 bedrooms, has no utility or extravagant garden but it’s mine. Well 50% of it anyway lol. It does have an extra bedroom, a downstairs toilet, under stairs cupboard, a bigger, flatter garden and fitted kitchen with integrated appliances. I can’t tell you how long I’ve waited for a place like this. Well, actually I can – 10 years. 10 whole long, infuriating years waiting, dreaming, planning and praying.

Not going to lie, I’m ready to burst with excitement!! Be prepared for pictures galore when we move in 🙂

What I Have Spent This Week

  • £12.37 Macdonalds
  • £31.12 Pub Lunch with friends
  • £39.98 Morrisons food shop
  • £2.77 Home & Bargain
  • £5.64 Farm Foods
  • £1.90 Post Office
  • £17.05 Just Eat
  • £15.98 Cinema tickets

Total £126.81

Since Monday I have been on a no takeaway week and so far so good. This comes after the weekend of eating out and takeaways as you can see above. Food shop is under the £40 a week budget which is great and I am really pleased with how that is going. So far I am under budget 99% all the time. The only thing I need to work on is takeaways and saying no to sweets/snacks. Which is where most of these other lower end spends have come from. I need to take my cards out of my wallet as that should stop the impulse buying of sweets etc …

Overall though I’m happy with only spending £126.81 this week.

However, I am unhappy that I have spent on my credit card the last week because of vet bills due to a poorly cat and a birthday. This has meant an extra couple of hundred back on the credit card this week. I’m hoping to pay a little extra at the end of the month though to cover it. Although I may need to save it for the new back lawn instead. That’s the only thing that’s concerning me at the moment, the fact I have no lawn in the back garden and it’s just going to be soil. With a dog, 2 cats and a 10 year old, all I envisage is mess lol!

Keeping it sort and sweet tonight as I am super tired and need another holiday to recover from my holiday lol!

Thanks for reading

H 🙂


2 thoughts on “Money Wise Talks 16/06/2022

  1. Sofiya June 16, 2022 / 9:47 pm

    The Mcplants are pretty amazing 🙌🏾 Did you end up participating in the mum race at the sports day? Some schools still do this, my nephew’s school doesn’t. Would be pretty funny watching my sister run in the parents race 🤣

    Two weeks will fly by! I bet you’ll both be sick of the sight of boxes soon 😂 It’ll be all worth it though. I’m so thrilled for you both Heidi, it’s been a pleasure following along – thank you so much for sharing and allowing us to be a tiny part in this wonderful new chapter of your lives. Xx

    P.S. I’m looking forward to your YouTube channel 😃


    • The Money Wise Mum June 16, 2022 / 10:18 pm

      Hi Sofiya, I know they really are! I just love them, feel like I’ve been waiting a lifetime for something yummy and veggie lol! They did have a race at the end but I was wearing high heel boots and knowing me I’d fall flat on my face so I gave it a miss. So many parents fell over though … I’d me motified!

      Arr thank you, that means so much. I love shating my journey it really helps me and I hope it helps others too. Yes fingers crossed I can get it uploaded soon 🥰🤞 xx


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