What My Blog Made In The First Year!

This post is a celebration of my first year in blogging!

The details within the post I will use as a tool in the future so I can look back every year and see it’s progress.

I guess if you like figures, statistics, tracking progress and all those other things you learn whilst climbing the corporate ladder, you’ll love this too.

And if people are out there wanting to start a blog for passive income or for fun, you can get an idea of the slither of income you can make for all the work you put in initially – ha, I’m not even kidding!

Blogging is definitely the long game I will tell you that with 100% complete assurance lol

The reason why I started blogging was to have a platform to discuss in more detail about the highs and lows of my debt free journey. You can only say so much on Instagram and I always have so much more to say. I use it not only to keep me accountable but as a way to release any feelings of negativity. Being on a debt journey is lonely when you’re on your own and feelings can be left to build up if you don’t find a release. This is mine.

As I have developed over the last year in blogging, I have grown to love it. Leaving teaching this year and finding a job that gave me my evenings back was the best thing to have happened to me because now I have the time for blogging. I’ve never really been much of a tv watcher – films I love but not tv. So with my evenings free I blog away. Instead of making experiments for the classroom every night or marking, I’m making trackers, planners and other free resources for anyone else out there who is in debt and wants to get out of it.

Why? Because I love it. As I get myself debt free, why not help out someone else? And it makes me feel great which is good enough for me.

If my blog makes nothing forever, that will be ok for me because I get so much more out of it than it making money. Obviously if it made me lots of money, well that would be completely fine also! We’ll see. For now let’s look at some figures in the first year of my little blog The Money Wise Mum.

November 2020168360.01
December 202021971210.01
January 202103681840.01
February 202104741790.01
March 202136822290.08
April 202125311700.18
May 202118552880.26
June 202104841440.11
July 202105111900.06
August 202112971300.06
September 2021610013300.07
October 2021714644700.08

As you can see, the more posts I do the more visitors I get but that doesn’t have a direct impact on the money earnt from ads and I think that’s to do with whether people click them and how long they are viewing the page for. If they are viewing the page for longer then this may make more money.

I’m not an expert in blogging or how the ads work but I can say that being consistent and posting regularly and providing content people want to read about will generally be the ticket to more views, visitors, likes, followers and revenue. But what do I know lol, I’ve made £0.94 😊

Also you don’t get paid out any money until you have made over £100. Like I said, blogging is definitely the long road. I don’t know how long it will take me to make £100. But being the curious little cat I am, I want to find out 😊.

Hope you stick around for the ride too 😊


3 thoughts on “What My Blog Made In The First Year!

  1. foreveryoungaussiemum December 17, 2021 / 11:11 am

    This is a really interesting read, thankyou!
    I’ve always wondered how much $ blogging in the early days can make…
    So far I’ve a free WordPress so no $ potential but once I hit 100 followers, I’m going export it to the paid WordPress version.
    More as a motivation to write than anything 🙂


    • The Money Wise Mum December 17, 2021 / 3:48 pm

      Thank you! I think people tend to only tell the world when they’ve made a fortune but like you I was really curious so thought others would be to. That’s a great motivation to write! Good luck with your blog 🙂

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