Money Wise Talks 18/11/2021

It’s been another crazy week this week. Sometimes I really wonder whether life is as crazy for everyone else because for me, most of the time it’s absolutely mental.

My life has literally gone UP, DOWN, UP this week! Like a rollercoaster!

This week I have made huge progress towards paying the debt off, with £830.20 paid off debt in November with two payments made of £25 and £282.30. Only one payment left of £53.37 and I will have hit it.

I also made an extra payment of £78.37 following an unexpected payment in from CMS and using £50 which had been paid to me in compensation from my bank for being useless. This will bring the total amount I have paid off debt in November to £908.57!

Can’t tell you how pleased I am with this figure.

As expected, when you have a win, you also have a loss and this week that was my car …again!

It broke down, again … during my deliveries on Sunday ☹

Luckily my manager was kind enough to take the rest of my parcels back to the depot for me whilst I waited to be recovered. I knew it was the clutch and my worse fears were confirmed on Monday. £531.57 spent later and I have a new clutch. The car now is running like an absolute dream – it bloody should for the amount I have spent on it!

£2016.15 spent on that car this year. It’s still cheaper than buying a new car at least but a huge expense I could have done without.

Moving onto some exciting news now …

I had an interview yesterday for the job I’m doing now and I got it! My temporary contract will now be made permanent. This is something I have wanted for a few years and I’ve finally got there.

A permanent job = Now eligible for a mortgage

As you know I left teaching earlier this year, it just wasn’t for me and I very nearly went back into the career I loved before having my child which was banking. However, an opportunity came about with this amazing organisation and it was something so different and that I’d never done before so I thought “why the hell not” so I went for it.

Because of the type of work it is, the role and company will remain my secret. Which does add to the excitement of it and definitely makes me feel a little like James Bond 😊 … the women version obviously lol

Now all remains is the debt to be paid off, house deposit saved up and I’ll be in a position to get another mortgage. I won’t be making any mistakes on a mortgage this time. The two mortgaged properties I brought in the past I didn’t think them through properly or my circumstances at the time kind of forced me into doing them so they ended being burdens more than anything else. I will talk about this in more detail soon, merely as a warning to others on how it can go so so wrong. Sometimes even when you do everything right, things can still go wrong.

What have I spent this week?

£11.99 Just Eat, takeaway

£3.85 Postage sending a parcel back, will be getting a £58 refund

£7.16 Morrisons, food bill. I was super proud of this against a budget of £30, but then totally ruined it with all the takeaways

£31.00 Hair, this came out of the sinking fund

£20.01 Petrol

£20.00 Car breakdown, unexpected cost. Apparently, although I have breakdown cover with my insurance it doesn’t include recovery to home/garage so I had to pay an extra £20

£9.16 Pharmacy, for my much needed medicine this week

£5.40 CO-OP Snacks

£5.60 CO-OP Snacks

£3.00 Pharmacy, more medicine

£11.06 Macdonalds

£22.48 Cat Food and Biscuits, this came out of the pet food sinking fund

£531.57 Car, this went on the credit card.

This week has been super spendy!

In my defence though, I have been really poorly this week. I Started with a cold last Thursday and it just got worse and worse. I survived work by taking lots of cold remedies, but they took all my energy so the house and cooking basically was non existent. So yes, we – well my daughter, as I haven’t really been eating, has lived off takeaways. No, it’s not ideal but when you’re a single parent you can only do your best. I made sure she still had lots of fruit and veg in her lunch box each day but you know what, I’m not going to beat myself up over it. One week of crappy food isn’t going to harm her in the long run.

The no spend days have been rubbish this week, as you can imagine and I am disappointed I put the car repairs on my credit card. I am still wondering whether I should get the money out of My Help to Save account which has about £800 in there or leave it so it doesn’t affect the 50% bonus I’ll get in 2023. I guess I made such a massive payment to debt this month it would be covered wouldn’t it. I think I’ll leave it.

I want to plan to pay another great chunk of my credit card in December, which I am hoping and praying will not be engulfed by massive car costs this time!

Finally, I’ve had another massive win this week with hitting 3000 followers on Instagram. That really blew my socks off. It has been the icing on the cake for me and has made this week pretty incredible, so I just want to say thank you. I am entirely grateful for everyone that follows my journey and I hope I can inspire you to your dreams as you inspire me to mine.

Have a great week!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalise a purchase. I will only recommend products I have used, which I feel will benefit you. Thank you for the support.


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