Money Wise Talks 11/11/2021

This week started off with Sunshine and Lollipops, my no spend days were going great and my troublesome car was working fine, until out of the blue a warning light and sound came beeping on my car, ‘Low Brake Fluid Level’ it said. Great. In my 20+ years of driving, I’ve never seen that before so I popped to the local garage to get it checked out.

The garage man said that it was uncommon for it to get so low especially since I’d only had an MOT a few months ago so he kindly topped it for free. He said if it comes on again, there’s likely to be a leak somewhere and I would definitely need to get it checked out. This car is started to drive me nuts!

Then Saturday it came on again … nooooooooo! The garage was closed so I went to Halfords and brought some brake/clutch fluid and topped it back up – thank goodness I had watched the man in the garage and knew where to put it!

I literally prayed for the car not to break down on Sunday when I was doing my deliveries and my prayers were answered. I rang the garage on Monday and it’s now been booked in for the following week. All week I’ve been topping it up and I’m just hoping now that it holds out for my deliveries this Sunday – fingers crossed.

I finished the first book of the month ‘5 Day Weekend’ by Nik Halik and it’s definitely worth a read. Although some concepts are based in the States, they can still be applied to the UK.

I really enjoyed it and found my mind wandering to all these different possibilities on how I could create my 5 day weekend. I have a few ideas, some I’m implementing and some I know will take time. I’m a big believer in consistency and plan to keep going no matter what.

My rough plan is:

  1. Get debt free
  2. Create passive income streams (jointly first)
  3. Save for a deposit for a property
  4. Save for a deposit for the first buy to let
  5. Invest more – I started investing whilst I was in debt but at mini amounts
  6. Repeat 2, 4 and 5 continuously until I have enough income to retire

What have I spent this week

I started well but then Saturday came and I spent £281.71 Arghhhhhhh

£94.48 on groceries, instead of £30. This was a massive overspend. I didn’t spend on petrol though so £30 saved

The £94.48 went on big items like washing powder, fabric conditioner and toilet rolls. But then I also brought a 4 pack of glasses because they were cute with cats and dogs on, they were £6.00. A 3 pack of matching tea-towels also for £6.00 and 2 food trays at £7.00. These purchases were definitely not needed.

£106.42 at the vets getting flea, worm and boosters for the dog and two cats. £100 of this came from the vets sinking fund.

£21.05 at Playworld. I decided to treat the daughter with lunch out and a play at one of her favourite places.

£19.79 Halfords. This was for the brake/clutch fluid and a service on my daughters bike. She had Bikeability at her school this week so I wanted to make sure her bike was safe.

£4.78 Pets At Home dog chew. This came out of the pet food sinking fund.

£3.40 Greggs. Their vegan sausage rolls are so yummy and this is my new Sunday thing to buy and eat when I do my deliveries with a bottle of diet coke – nothing like pushing that boat out!

£1.99 Esso garage. Bottle of coke

£24.40 Takeaway!

£5.40 Snacks

No excuses, I was pretty out of control this week!

It wasn’t all bad though, I’m receiving a refund from a hotel room from a cancelled night out and I’m sending a dress back. So hopefully I’ll get back about £115 which should compensate a little for the massive overspend.

Also, great news I’m sticking to my debt pay off plan and have made another 2 payments this week to debt!

One for £289.53 which was the money earnt from delivering in October. I said I would be putting all the monies earnt from my courier work towards debt and have stayed true to my word.

The second payment I made was not planned, but I made a payment of £78.37 towards my MBNA card – also known as the Mini Debt (Pay Off) Challenge. You can find out more about the challenge in a previous post. The money came from my bank following a complaint and from selling a few more things on Vinted. I do love Vinted as you know.

Only 18 more payments of £78.37 to go until my challenge is complete!

I listed ten more things on Vinted this week and four have sold already. Love Love Love it!

Check my recent blog post, where I compare three of our favourite selling sites: Vinted, Ebay and Facebook Marketplace and all the pros and cons.

Have a great week!

Ps. If you like the printable trackers in this post, you can download them for free here!


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