Products I’d Recommended

I always think it’s great to buy things that people have already tried and would recommend, so I thought I would come up with a page dedicated to things I have brought in the past that I think are definitely worth buying.

I don’t know about you but I tend to shop for most of the things I want online now and 99% of it is through Amazon. I much prefer shopping in the comfort of my home rather than facing bad weather, crowds and over priced parking, so the items you see here on this page are from Amazon. I will keep adding to it as I go.

It’s important for me to explain that some of the links in this post are Amazon affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalise a purchase. I want you to know I will only recommend products I have used and which I feel will benefit you.

LED Garage Lights, Garage Light 15000LM 6500K Deformable Lighting Fixture with 5 Adjustable Panels – E26/E27 Bay Light, Garage Ceiling Light for Basement Workshop Warehouse (Silver)

What My Blog Made In The First Year!

This post is a celebration of my first year in blogging!

The details within the post I will use as a tool in the future so I can look back every year and see it’s progress.

I guess if you like figures, statistics, tracking progress and all those other things you learn whilst climbing the corporate ladder, you’ll love this too.

And if people are out there wanting to start a blog for passive income or for fun, you can get an idea of the slither of income you can make for all the work you put in initially – ha, I’m not even kidding!

Blogging is definitely the long game I will tell you that with 100% complete assurance lol

The reason why I started blogging was to have a platform to discuss in more detail about the highs and lows of my debt free journey. You can only say so much on Instagram and I always have so much more to say. I use it not only to keep me accountable but as a way to release any feelings of negativity. Being on a debt journey is lonely when you’re on your own and feelings can be left to build up if you don’t find a release. This is mine.

As I have developed over the last year in blogging, I have grown to love it. Leaving teaching this year and finding a job that gave me my evenings back was the best thing to have happened to me because now I have the time for blogging. I’ve never really been much of a tv watcher – films I love but not tv. So with my evenings free I blog away. Instead of making experiments for the classroom every night or marking, I’m making trackers, planners and other free resources for anyone else out there who is in debt and wants to get out of it.

Why? Because I love it. As I get myself debt free, why not help out someone else? And it makes me feel great which is good enough for me.

If my blog makes nothing forever, that will be ok for me because I get so much more out of it than it making money. Obviously if it made me lots of money, well that would be completely fine also! We’ll see. For now let’s look at some figures in the first year of my little blog The Money Wise Mum.

November 2020168360.01
December 202021971210.01
January 202103681840.01
February 202104741790.01
March 202136822290.08
April 202125311700.18
May 202118552880.26
June 202104841440.11
July 202105111900.06
August 202112971300.06
September 2021610013300.07
October 2021714644700.08

As you can see, the more posts I do the more visitors I get but that doesn’t have a direct impact on the money earnt from ads and I think that’s to do with whether people click them and how long they are viewing the page for. If they are viewing the page for longer then this may make more money.

I’m not an expert in blogging or how the ads work but I can say that being consistent and posting regularly and providing content people want to read about will generally be the ticket to more views, visitors, likes, followers and revenue. But what do I know lol, I’ve made £0.94 😊

Also you don’t get paid out any money until you have made over £100. Like I said, blogging is definitely the long road. I don’t know how long it will take me to make £100. But being the curious little cat I am, I want to find out 😊.

Hope you stick around for the ride too 😊

Money Wise Talks 25/11/2021

I made my last planned payment of £53.37 to debt for the November challenge. If you missed this, the challenge was to try and pay £835 off debt in one month.

I also managed to make an extra payment of £73.37 by using the money from some compensation I received and a small payment in from the CMS, making the total amount paid toward debt in November £908.37.

This amount I’m really proud of and I plan to use the same strategy in December. This is where I look at all my income and expenses coming in and out of my account for the whole month and see where I could make any debt over payments. Effectively, I would zero out my months budget. This enables me to see clearly where all my money is going.

Unfortunately, due to huge car repairs this month of £531.57 which I put onto the credit card, I won’t see the full decrease of £908.37. However, I have decided to withdraw £300 from my Help to Save account to pay towards the car repairs, so this will help.

What I have left in my Help to Save is £500 and this is effectively my Emergency Fund. I still pay into this every month with a regular standing order of £50 so it will start to slowly grow again.

I was back delivering at the weekend and my car was driving like an absolute dream. It’s a bloomin good job after having all that money spent on it! I delivered 115 parcels on Sunday and not going to lie it very nearly broke me lol!! Some of the parcels were so heavy, it was a work out in itself!

It made me feel so Christmassy being out delivering and I always feel like Santa as a courier, but less hairy lol! 😊. It was really cold though and at times, all I could think about was being indoors all snug and warm. Like a trooper, I kept on going and kept thinking how happy I’ll be when I pick up my earnings in December and pay it all off debt. Thoughts like these keep me going.

I’m still waiting for my references to come back from my new main job after being made permanent last week. Today I found out they sometimes do overtime on a Saturday and it’s double time! I know working 7 days a week isn’t great every week, but with me being such an opportunist, if overtime comes available, I’ll definitely be up for it. It will get me out of cleaning the house anyway lol and I love my secret job so much, it wouldn’t feel like work at all!

A little update on the savings challenge. I have managed to colour in 3 lines out of 20, so still along way to go but I’m still going at it. I may not complete the challenge in full before the interest free period ends at the end of December but as it’s such a small amount anyway I don’t think the interest will be very much. I do plan to use my courier money in December to pay a chunk off it though.

£235.11 paid off, £1332.14 left

What I Spent This Week

£7.98 Garden Centre for a couple of special Christmas decorations

£30.00 Tesco Food

£27.00 Tesco petrol

£5.70 Greggs – pop and vegan sausage rolls for Sunday delivering

£41.41 Dog food – this comes out of the pet food sinking fund

£10.66 Macdonalds

I haven’t spent very much this week. I have started Christmas planning and have made a gorgeous new Christmas Present Planner which you can download for free.

I have started Christmas shopping too but I’m not including that in what I’ve spent this week as it’s all coming out of the Christmas sinking fund. What I will report is I am within budget – This is where I want to stay aswell but I realise it is very early days. So far, I have resisted any impulse purchases so fingers crossed this continues lol!

Elf on the Shelf on a budget activities have been planned for each day – Dec 1st to Dec 24th for Elf on the Shelf in order to keep costs low and within budget. I didn’t do this last year and ended up spending so much, well actually I just went mental. You can read about the disaster with my spending at Christmas last year here ‘Why I Put Christmas On A Credit Card This Year‘. I have shared my Elf on the shelf ideas on a previous post, with a shopping list and cards you can print – all downloadable for free of course! Hopefully it will help someone else out there in frazzled parent land 😊

Find the Treat!

Finally, I have started to put together a list of all the books I would recommend. As you may have seen on Instagram, I have been reading to increase my finance knowledge. I do have lots of knowledge of finance having spent over ten years in banking but things change and I think learning is the best way to improve your position in any regard. For me, although I don’t have the money right now for huge investments into property or the stock market, it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be finding out as much as possible for when I am ready. And I’d urge to you as well. If your not in a position to buy books new, try buying them second hand or even better join a library and read for free (just don’t forget to to take the books back else you’ll have loads of fines – I speak from experience here lol).

Some links in the books I would recommend post are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalise a purchase. I will only recommend products I have used and think are great though and if there is any you recommend me to read, please leave the titles in the comments below.

Have a great week


My Recommended Books for Reading

These are my list of books I have read that I would definitely recommend for those who are looking to increase their knowledge with finance, investing or general banking. I will keep adding to it, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss a post!

1) Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

2) 5 Day Weekend by Nik Halik

3) One Up On Wallstreet: How to use What You Already Know To Make Money In the Market by Peter Lynch

4) The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, Luke Daniels

5) The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

6) It’s Not About The Money by Catherine Morgan

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalise a purchase. I will only recommend products I have used, which I feel will benefit you. Thank you for the support.

Elf on The Shelf on a Budget!

This is a special post to all the parents out there who will very soon be having a special little visitor to join them in the Christmas cheer. And if it’s anything like ours, it will be causing lots of mayhem and mess!

If you’re like me, I spend nearly every night in December going to bed with not a care in the world and just as I’m about to nod off, I’m woken up by a jolt of “Oh No, I’ve forgotten to move the bloomin Elf!”. Or in my case – two bloomin Elves!.

Please tell me it’s not just me that does this?!

As parents we must be mad! Why do we do this to ourselves and make our lives harder at the busiest time of the year by having an Elf. But then seeing my girl’s face light up each morning is definitely enough for me! Almost lol!

I don’t know about you. I always start off super creative on the 1st of December and then as the month moves on so does my motivation, creativity and will to live. Last year Chippy and Buddy our Elves got stuck in the Christmas tree for a few days as I forgot to move them, opps! And the worse part, there was me thinking my failings had gone unnoticed by my daughter, until one day when she told me the Elves were boring and she didn’t want them to come again. Ha! Now I know she didn’t mean this but it made me wake up to the serious responsibility I had of chief Elf planner and mover and from that day forward I promised my elf (sorry couldn’t resist) I would not be so crap next time.

This year is the next time – so here’s to being the best Elf mover around!

This year, so far, I’m organised. We are still in November, most of my Christmas shopping is done with the Christmas fund and not debt and I have an Elf plan. And even better than all that, I thought I’d share it all with you too! Sharing is what Christmas is about of course – oh and presents and definitely prosecco 😊.

I have come up with or found 24 things our naughty little Elves can get up to and included some pictures (below) and a list of what you need to use and/or buy (under December 24 activities).

The pictures I have taken in one spot in the kitchen but I will be moving the little naughty elves around the house.

I have also made little cards to print and put together a shopping list so you can get everything in before December 1st (Below)

Most of the items I bought new and I noted the price I paid on the list. Anything without a price I already had at home. Everything I bought came to approximately £20 and I got the items from Tesco and Home Bargain. You could get them cheaper still if you shopped around.

December Elf’s activities:

December 1 – Elf brings the advert calendar

What you need – Advent calendar

Print – Look who’s Back!

December 2 – Elf plays hungry hippos

What you need – Pack of skittles (use a handful), Kinder Happy Hippos (5 pack)

Print – We Love Hungry Hippos!

December 3 – Elf burst out of cereal box

What you need – Cereal

Print – Make sure you eat up!

December 4 – Elf between two pieces of toast

What you need – Bread toasted

Print – I was cold, but now I’m toasty

December 5 – Elf playing jenga with chocolate fingers

What you need – Chocolate fingers

December 6 – Elf in bathroom sink drawing smilie face with toothpaste

What you need – Toothpaste

Print – Make sure you brush your teeth!

December 7 – Elf drawing funny faces on pictures

What you need – Black sharpie

December 8 – Elf in a roll of toilet roll which they have drawn a funny face on.

What you need – 3 marshmellows, icing stick black, chocolate drops, mini matchmatchers

Print – Do you wanna build a snowman?

December 9 – Elf rainbow magic

What you need – Skittles

Print – Just add hot water for Elf rainbow magic

December 10 – Elf making snow angels in flour

What you need – Flour

Print – Let’s make snow angels!

December 11 – Elf snowball fight with toys

What you need – Scrunched up bits of paper, other toys.

Print – Snowball fight!

December 12 – Elf cooking eggs in the pan

What you need – Haribo/Other gummies shaped like eggs

Print – Eggs anyone?

December 13 – Elf put tape across bedroom door

What you need – tape

December 14 – Elf has hidden candy canes

What you need – Candy canes

Print – Can you find all the candy canes?

December 15 – Elf zip wiring across the room

What you need – string

Print – Weeeeeeeeee!

December 16 – Elf has hidden a treat underneath a cup, but which one!

What you need – paper cups or you could use plastic ones, treat

Print – Find the hidden treat

December 17 – Elf making a sledge and wants help!

What you need – Candy canes, Santa chocolate, 4 finger kit kat, chocolate coins, fredo

Print – Lets make a sledge together

December 18 – Elf on a swing

What you need – Swing and string, or use empty loo roll

December 19 – Elf hanging from the letterbox with Christmas card from Elf

What you need – Christmas card

December 20 – Elf making Christmas biscuits

What you need – large biscuits, icing tube, laces, dolly mixtures, haribo

Print – Lets make a Christmas biscuit

December 21 – Elf in a bath of balloons

What you need – Balloons, black pen

Print – Find me and pop the balloons

December 22 – Elf toasting a marshmellow over a candle

What you need – Marshmellows, candle, cocktail stick, chocolate digestives

Print – Lets make s’mores

December 23 – Elf made a gingerbread house

What you need – 5 pieces of bread, Jar of ginger, gingerbread house (optional)

Print – Hey, I made a gingerbread house!

December 24 – Elf leaves Christmas box and goodbye note

What you need – Whatever you fancy, I usually leave some Christmas PJ’s, popcorn, sweets, hot chocolate

You will also need to print the Elf Shopping List and the Elf Print Cards 1 and Elf Print Cards 2

Money Wise Talks 18/11/2021

It’s been another crazy week this week. Sometimes I really wonder whether life is as crazy for everyone else because for me, most of the time it’s absolutely mental.

My life has literally gone UP, DOWN, UP this week! Like a rollercoaster!

This week I have made huge progress towards paying the debt off, with £830.20 paid off debt in November with two payments made of £25 and £282.30. Only one payment left of £53.37 and I will have hit it.

I also made an extra payment of £78.37 following an unexpected payment in from CMS and using £50 which had been paid to me in compensation from my bank for being useless. This will bring the total amount I have paid off debt in November to £908.57!

Can’t tell you how pleased I am with this figure.

As expected, when you have a win, you also have a loss and this week that was my car …again!

It broke down, again … during my deliveries on Sunday ☹

Luckily my manager was kind enough to take the rest of my parcels back to the depot for me whilst I waited to be recovered. I knew it was the clutch and my worse fears were confirmed on Monday. £531.57 spent later and I have a new clutch. The car now is running like an absolute dream – it bloody should for the amount I have spent on it!

£2016.15 spent on that car this year. It’s still cheaper than buying a new car at least but a huge expense I could have done without.

Moving onto some exciting news now …

I had an interview yesterday for the job I’m doing now and I got it! My temporary contract will now be made permanent. This is something I have wanted for a few years and I’ve finally got there.

A permanent job = Now eligible for a mortgage

As you know I left teaching earlier this year, it just wasn’t for me and I very nearly went back into the career I loved before having my child which was banking. However, an opportunity came about with this amazing organisation and it was something so different and that I’d never done before so I thought “why the hell not” so I went for it.

Because of the type of work it is, the role and company will remain my secret. Which does add to the excitement of it and definitely makes me feel a little like James Bond 😊 … the women version obviously lol

Now all remains is the debt to be paid off, house deposit saved up and I’ll be in a position to get another mortgage. I won’t be making any mistakes on a mortgage this time. The two mortgaged properties I brought in the past I didn’t think them through properly or my circumstances at the time kind of forced me into doing them so they ended being burdens more than anything else. I will talk about this in more detail soon, merely as a warning to others on how it can go so so wrong. Sometimes even when you do everything right, things can still go wrong.

What have I spent this week?

£11.99 Just Eat, takeaway

£3.85 Postage sending a parcel back, will be getting a £58 refund

£7.16 Morrisons, food bill. I was super proud of this against a budget of £30, but then totally ruined it with all the takeaways

£31.00 Hair, this came out of the sinking fund

£20.01 Petrol

£20.00 Car breakdown, unexpected cost. Apparently, although I have breakdown cover with my insurance it doesn’t include recovery to home/garage so I had to pay an extra £20

£9.16 Pharmacy, for my much needed medicine this week

£5.40 CO-OP Snacks

£5.60 CO-OP Snacks

£3.00 Pharmacy, more medicine

£11.06 Macdonalds

£22.48 Cat Food and Biscuits, this came out of the pet food sinking fund

£531.57 Car, this went on the credit card.

This week has been super spendy!

In my defence though, I have been really poorly this week. I Started with a cold last Thursday and it just got worse and worse. I survived work by taking lots of cold remedies, but they took all my energy so the house and cooking basically was non existent. So yes, we – well my daughter, as I haven’t really been eating, has lived off takeaways. No, it’s not ideal but when you’re a single parent you can only do your best. I made sure she still had lots of fruit and veg in her lunch box each day but you know what, I’m not going to beat myself up over it. One week of crappy food isn’t going to harm her in the long run.

The no spend days have been rubbish this week, as you can imagine and I am disappointed I put the car repairs on my credit card. I am still wondering whether I should get the money out of My Help to Save account which has about £800 in there or leave it so it doesn’t affect the 50% bonus I’ll get in 2023. I guess I made such a massive payment to debt this month it would be covered wouldn’t it. I think I’ll leave it.

I want to plan to pay another great chunk of my credit card in December, which I am hoping and praying will not be engulfed by massive car costs this time!

Finally, I’ve had another massive win this week with hitting 3000 followers on Instagram. That really blew my socks off. It has been the icing on the cake for me and has made this week pretty incredible, so I just want to say thank you. I am entirely grateful for everyone that follows my journey and I hope I can inspire you to your dreams as you inspire me to mine.

Have a great week!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalise a purchase. I will only recommend products I have used, which I feel will benefit you. Thank you for the support.

Money Wise Talks 11/11/2021

This week started off with Sunshine and Lollipops, my no spend days were going great and my troublesome car was working fine, until out of the blue a warning light and sound came beeping on my car, ‘Low Brake Fluid Level’ it said. Great. In my 20+ years of driving, I’ve never seen that before so I popped to the local garage to get it checked out.

The garage man said that it was uncommon for it to get so low especially since I’d only had an MOT a few months ago so he kindly topped it for free. He said if it comes on again, there’s likely to be a leak somewhere and I would definitely need to get it checked out. This car is started to drive me nuts!

Then Saturday it came on again … nooooooooo! The garage was closed so I went to Halfords and brought some brake/clutch fluid and topped it back up – thank goodness I had watched the man in the garage and knew where to put it!

I literally prayed for the car not to break down on Sunday when I was doing my deliveries and my prayers were answered. I rang the garage on Monday and it’s now been booked in for the following week. All week I’ve been topping it up and I’m just hoping now that it holds out for my deliveries this Sunday – fingers crossed.

I finished the first book of the month ‘5 Day Weekend’ by Nik Halik and it’s definitely worth a read. Although some concepts are based in the States, they can still be applied to the UK.

I really enjoyed it and found my mind wandering to all these different possibilities on how I could create my 5 day weekend. I have a few ideas, some I’m implementing and some I know will take time. I’m a big believer in consistency and plan to keep going no matter what.

My rough plan is:

  1. Get debt free
  2. Create passive income streams (jointly first)
  3. Save for a deposit for a property
  4. Save for a deposit for the first buy to let
  5. Invest more – I started investing whilst I was in debt but at mini amounts
  6. Repeat 2, 4 and 5 continuously until I have enough income to retire

What have I spent this week

I started well but then Saturday came and I spent £281.71 Arghhhhhhh

£94.48 on groceries, instead of £30. This was a massive overspend. I didn’t spend on petrol though so £30 saved

The £94.48 went on big items like washing powder, fabric conditioner and toilet rolls. But then I also brought a 4 pack of glasses because they were cute with cats and dogs on, they were £6.00. A 3 pack of matching tea-towels also for £6.00 and 2 food trays at £7.00. These purchases were definitely not needed.

£106.42 at the vets getting flea, worm and boosters for the dog and two cats. £100 of this came from the vets sinking fund.

£21.05 at Playworld. I decided to treat the daughter with lunch out and a play at one of her favourite places.

£19.79 Halfords. This was for the brake/clutch fluid and a service on my daughters bike. She had Bikeability at her school this week so I wanted to make sure her bike was safe.

£4.78 Pets At Home dog chew. This came out of the pet food sinking fund.

£3.40 Greggs. Their vegan sausage rolls are so yummy and this is my new Sunday thing to buy and eat when I do my deliveries with a bottle of diet coke – nothing like pushing that boat out!

£1.99 Esso garage. Bottle of coke

£24.40 Takeaway!

£5.40 Snacks

No excuses, I was pretty out of control this week!

It wasn’t all bad though, I’m receiving a refund from a hotel room from a cancelled night out and I’m sending a dress back. So hopefully I’ll get back about £115 which should compensate a little for the massive overspend.

Also, great news I’m sticking to my debt pay off plan and have made another 2 payments this week to debt!

One for £289.53 which was the money earnt from delivering in October. I said I would be putting all the monies earnt from my courier work towards debt and have stayed true to my word.

The second payment I made was not planned, but I made a payment of £78.37 towards my MBNA card – also known as the Mini Debt (Pay Off) Challenge. You can find out more about the challenge in a previous post. The money came from my bank following a complaint and from selling a few more things on Vinted. I do love Vinted as you know.

Only 18 more payments of £78.37 to go until my challenge is complete!

I listed ten more things on Vinted this week and four have sold already. Love Love Love it!

Check my recent blog post, where I compare three of our favourite selling sites: Vinted, Ebay and Facebook Marketplace and all the pros and cons.

Have a great week!

Ps. If you like the printable trackers in this post, you can download them for free here!

Vinted, Ebay or Facebook Marketplace – Which one is best for selling on?

In January 2021, I decided it was time to declutter my life and get rid of all the ‘stuff’ I’d been holding onto for years. I needed not just a physical declutter but an emotional one too. There has been points over the last ten years where I’ve had so much stuff, my bedroom looked like something from the program ‘Hoarders’. It got so bad that I only had the space to sleep on my side of the bed as the other side was full of so much stuff and I couldn’t even get to the window to open the curtains so they just stayed drawn. Not a healthy way to live at all.

Decluttering has not only improved my mental health but I also have less to clean now – bonus! I have also made some much needed extra cash to put towards my debt. Even now, in November I am still decluttering (although at a slightly less intense pace) and the house feels so much better. The bed is clear, I can move around my room and the curtains and windows get opened daily. Read about how to get the most money from selling your clutter here.

Over the year, I have mainly used Vinted, Ebay and Facebook Market place to sell my unwanted things but I have found over the years that I use each one for different items. Here I talk about each platform in more detail, including how to get started and all their pros and cons. Let me know if I miss any out!


Vinted is an app that is downloaded onto a mobile phone (Android or Apple). It is easy to set up and even easier to get started. I don’t like apps that are too techy so this was perfect for me. When you’re ready to sell, take clear pictures of the items, making sure you highlight any imperfections, chose a price, a parcel size and upload. It really is that simple!


  • It is easy to set up, easy to use and has NO SELLING FEES.
  • The buyer buys the postage so all you do is print a label. If you have no printer at home, you can go to the store they recommend for posting and they will print one for you. It is great to get rid of clothes and small toys.
  • What I absolutely love about Vinted is the item is paid for before you post so there is no being messed around by sellers. Vinted keep your money until the parcel arrives at the Inpost locker/UPS shop so unless the buyer has a problem, the money is transferred across.
  • You can sell to anywhere in the UK as the item is posted.
  • Parcels are tracked for free through Hermes or Inpost so there are less chance of the buyer saying the parcel never arrived. You do need to remove the Royal Mail option from the settings though.
  • If you use Hermes or Inpost to post the parcels then you can deposit your parcel in the machines outside the supermarkets meaning you can do this any time you like as your not restricted to the post office or supermarket opening hours. If you want to post a parcel at 3am – you can!


  • I find things that are listed on Vinted tend to be cheaper than I would list on Ebay or FB Marketplace.
  • You don’t receive the money straight away for the items that you have sold and it can take up to 7 days for the whole transaction.
  • You drop the parcel off, the customer does not collect from your home.


Ebay has been around years and you can have an account that you operate through your email address and laptop/computer or you can now download the app. I would download the app as it will be easier to upload the photos of your items from your phone instead of emailing them across so they are stored on your computer. Very similar to Vinted, take clear pictures of the items, making sure you highlight any imperfections, chose a price and a parcel size and upload.


  • It’s easy to use, but not as easy as Vinted. There are more categories to complete probably down to there being so many different items for sale on Ebay
  • You have the choice to auction your item for a set period of time (usually a week), making sure you end it at a time you know people will be awake and free to watch it. There’s no point having the auction finish at 3 am in the morning when everyone is in bed. I usually plan for auctions to end on a Sunday night around 8pm or weeknights between 8 and 9pm.
  • You also have the option to bid on items or offer bidding on your items to see if you can tempt anyone to make you an offer.
  • You can sell more expensive items and the variety of items you can sell is much greater than Vinted. From electricals to clothes. For example, I sold a camera for £300 on EBAY which was a signed for delivery using Royal Mail.
  • You can sell anywhere in the world as items are posted


  • List fees. Although they do have special weekends where you can sell items that are fee to list and you can now list up to 999 items free of charge.
  • Selling fees. These depend on what you sell and how much it sells for and are taken automatically from your sale proceeds.
  • Money is held by Ebay until the item is delivered or confirmed as delivered and then sent to you. So you’re not paid straight away.
  • You have to sort the postage yourself. You need to make sure you weigh the item properly and then put the correct postage on the item. If you find you haven’t worked out the right postage and the buyer has paid too little – it’s tough!! I was caught out by this when I first started, I sold 3 books for £7.00 and put the postage as £3.20 when at the post office they said it was £8.00! This resulted in in only making £2.20 and then EBAY took fees off me too. I was so sad ☹
  • You also need to take the parcel to the post office, so potentially huge queues and your limited by their opening hours.

Facebook Market Place

This is an element within Facebook so you do need a Facebook account to use it. You can use it on the computer or as an app so its easy to use like Vinted and Ebay. When your ready to sell, take clear pictures, highlight any imperfections, chose a price and upload. I always make sure I put ‘collection only’ and the first 3 letters of my postcode and I share to as many local groups as I can. I also only post at key times like from dinner time to latest 9pm, that way I know my post will be seen by lots of people.


  • You get paid straight away in cash or can ask the buyer to do a bank transfer. This is what I did during covid
  • Great for selling large items that can’t be posted. I sold a huge 2-meter length veg truck last year and various other bigger sized items
  • If you want to give things away to the local community instead of taking it yourself to the charity shop, then FB Marketplace is brilliant as the buyer collects.
  • No postage to sort out and no trips to the post office or Inpost unit


  • Messed around by buyers, no shows. People message, you agree to hold it and they don’t turn up. It’s infuriating and unfortunately is a regular occurrence
  • Money is paid generally on collection of the item. Sometimes before if you have lots of interest and ask someone to pay before they collect so you don’t sell it to someone else.
  • Limited to sell to the local area as people may not want to travel too far.
  • You must be a member of the groups you advertise the item on, so make sure you switch off notifications to those groups else your feed will just be people selling things!

What I’ve made on Vinted, Ebay and Facebook Marketplace this year so far:

13531.20 448.57 371.01 12105.98 4938.5 11261138.26

March and April saw me sell lots of big-ticket items on Ebay and FB Marketplace, like the camera and the veg truck. May onwards is mostly clothes on Vinted. Great littler earner though for just selling our unwanted things.

Which one do I like the best?

For me it’s Vinted. Every time my daughter grows out of her age of clothes, I list them all on Vinted straight away and then put them in a box which is kept on the wardrobe. When they sell, I can easily get them down and post them. And with Vinted there are no hidden fees and no let down by buyers which is a huge plus for me as I hate it when people waste my time.

I’d still use FB Marketplace if I had bigger items to sell but as I have been on this declutter journey for a year most of the bigger items I wanted to sell have been sold.

What I love now as well, is I get at least 2 sales a week from Vinted. It’s not earning me massive amounts of money but every little helps and I feel I am still decluttering even though I haven’t got the huge focus that I had at the start of the year. As long as more is going out of the house than coming in, that’s fine by me!

Vinted have a referral scheme in place so if you haven’t already downloaded it, you can do so using my referral link below.

(If my referral link is used, I will receive £5.00 when a friend lists their first 3 things within 7 days and £10.00 when they sell within 30 days. The money I receive can be used to buy items from Vinted only)

Or you could just check out some of the things I sell to or even get an idea of what to sell yourself. My username is hmm1234

Good luck and happy decluttering!

Money Wise Talks 4/11/2021

This week saw the end of October and the start of a new month – November! I love this time of the month – the start. A chance to reflect on the past month and make some more goals!

My October goals were:

  • Track Expenses
  • Get 7 hours sleep a night
  • Finish reading two books
  • Write 4 blog posts
  • Pay £500 to the Emergency Fund

I like to stick to around 4/5 goals a month that cover a variety of things; finance, health and things I like to do. A focus on body, mind and soul … oh and finances!

My goals for November are:

  • Use the Daily Spend Tracker everyday
  • 18 No Spend Days
  • Finish another two books
  • Write 8 blog posts

I keep trying to track my expenses but it never seems to end well. I just find it a right pain to list every individual item. I see people doing it and can see the value of doing it but it’s just not for me.

I’m trying something new this month – a daily spend tracker which is going very well so far!

Basically, with the daily spend tracker I’m writing down each day what I spend. I’m not going into the detail of what I spend my money on (yet) but just the total. I am also tracking my no spend days and hope for 18 no spend days in November which will be the most I’ve done this year if I can do it 😊.

Another thing I’m not great at is having a decent amount of sleep. I find if I give myself 8 hours sleep (which is probably what I need) I don’t get as much done that I want. I guess I’m my own worse enemy but this is something again I need to focus on. I am going to try to go to bed for 10pm at least once a week first and then build up from that. This is not a goal this month but is in the back of my mind and Tuesday I went to bed at 10pm so I did it this week.

I’ve always been an avid reader and love getting lost in books. My main focus this year has been to increase my finance/passive income/investing knowledge. Since working in banking a lot has changed so I feel it’s important to keep my knowledge up to date.

This month I read a Property Investing book called ‘Building Your Dream Life’ by Bronwen Vearncombe which gave a great insight into property investing as a beginner. I enjoyed seeing the numbers from the property deals they’d done but I’m definitely not ready to use other people’s money to invest. It sounds like a great concept but I am nowhere near comfortable for that yet. I also like to read thrillers and found a great one from the library called Friend Request by Laura Marshall. It’s definitely worth a read if you like a good thriller.

My new books for November are ‘Big Money Little Effort’ by Mark Shipman and 5 Day Weekend by Nik Halik.

I’ve been smashing the blog posts out as you know and am really enjoying it. Subscribers and views are increasing so I must be doing something right! I have given myself a secret (well up until now lol) little goal of 52 posts by the end of year. This will reflect a blog a week which from next year I want to do as a minimum. This year I haven’t done as many as I wanted as I was still teaching so my head wasn’t really in it. It is now though and like I said I am loving it!

Paying £500 to the emergency fund didn’t happen with the car repairs but I will slowly start to build this up again. I already have about £1000 in my Help to Save account that although is instant access and I can use it for emergencies, I choose not to so I can be eligible for the massive 50% bonus that will be paid in a few years. If you haven’t seen these accounts offered by the UK government, you can check them out here.

What Have I Spent This Week?

£12.00 on drinks when I met up with my new work colleagues last Friday. They are all so lovely and I’m really enjoying my job. It’s a world away from my last job and that’s fine by me!

£27.01 spent on groceries this week with a few cracking yellow ticket items. £0.28 for a loaf of bread usually £1.10, £0.20 for a 6 pack of rolls usually £0.79 and £0.33 for a 4 pack of blueberry muffins usually £1.29 – BARGAIN!

£30.00 spent on petrol

£10.99 on a Macdonalds

£50 Spooktacular event planned. This money came out of sinking funds

I have been on fire with my budget and spending this week. I do wonder whether I always do so well as the start of the month though when motivation is high – anyone else?

At the end of October, I decided to have a jig around with my budget and made a few big changes after a long discussion with me, myself and I. I’ve been thinking about the side hustle turned second job I do as a courier and the fact that the reason I started doing that second job was to pay off debt. And in the last few months I haven’t being using the money for that at all, as it’s just been used for the normal expenses.

Well, I decided enough was enough.

I’m not going to lie but that job wears me out so much. I’m pretty useless after a round as it’s such a manual job. So, after much though about doing a job that wipes me out pretty much every week, I have decided to make sure I do it for the purpose intended and all the money I earn from it now will ONLY be put towards to debt as an overpayment.

It has meant that I have had to cut down on what I put into sinking funds but I feel really good about this choice I’ve made.

Along with this decision I also did a zero-based budget and included all the rest of my income and expenses which has allowed me to see exactly what I can pay to debt this month if I don’t mess up. I’ve put it out there on this blog and the world of Instagram to keep me accountable. The figure I want to pay towards debt this month is £830.20.

This is going to be made up of five payments:

£180  –  This one has been paid today 😊





If I can keep this going, I will be debt free in no time … £15,820.54 to gooooooooo!

Finally, this week I have made a couple more goal trackers free to download, a house goal one and a savings goal one.

I love making these (must be the teacher in me lol) but would love to know what you think, please let me know in the comments below.

Have a great week


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