Money Wise Talks 30/09/2021

Welcome to my ‘Money Wise Talks’ section where I will be talking about how my debt free journey is going, what I spend, save and invest in and well anything money/life related.

I thought it would coincide nicely with my regular updates on Instagram but with the added bonus of being able to go into much more detail and share more of my money wise journey, the ups and the downs and my general thoughts throughout the week.

This week sees me finish my No Spend September and will be the start of October – New month New Goals and all that.

I’m not going to do another No Spend, to be honest I don’t think I do particularly well at them lol, but I will discuss this all in my No Spend post. My budget for food shopping and petrol is tight at a total of £50 per week but I manage it most of the time. What I don’t manage is the other spending.

I think because I get paid so many times by different things, I always have bits of money coming in which allows me the chance to be a little frivolous and I seem to manage to hide it pretty well from my normal money tracking.

Crazy to think I’m trying to outdo myself isn’t it?

Another thing I’ve noticed is when I break budget it’s usually to do something fun either with my daughter or with friends – so from tomorrow – Friday 1st October, the plan is I will give us a £20 a week budget for fun. I don’t intend to use this every week but it will be nice to save it for when we do nice things and to have that cash there. I will use a sinking jar for this 😊

One of my goals for September was to write and post four blog posts as a minimum – which I’m please to say I did! I would like to continue this momentum as I love writing and get a huge sense of achievement when I hit that ‘publish’ button.

You can check out those September blog posts here;

No Spend Month

Is a £1000 Emergency Fund Enough?

What are Sinking Funds

50 Ways You Can Make Money

Meal Planning on a Budget

My plan for October is monitor and track my expenses. And look after myself abit better – I’m having too many late nights whilst planning my dreams!

I have tried to track my expenses before but did it for the whole month and to be honest it didn’t work that well because I got fed up with writing everything down. But I do think this is something I need to focus on and believe this will give me some wins with my budget, so I’m going to try it again with a little twist of doing a weekly tracker instead. This might trick my brain into staying focused – something I do struggle with on a daily basis.

Doing a weekly challenge will hopefully work much better for my short attention span and I’m hoping that it stops me from spending!

My budget for food and petrol runs from Friday to Friday now since I have gone back to being paid weekly again from my main job, so I will officially start tracking my expenses from tomorrow and then do an update every Thursday.

Have a great week



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