No Spend Month

After a very expensive August with Summer holidays, and the car costing the best part of £600 to get fixed, I have decided to have a very much needed No Spend Month in September to curb the Summer holiday spending and pay back the Emergency Fund!

The last time I did one of these was in January so using the tools I made during that No Spend Month I will hope for another successful month.

I made myself a no spend challenge sheet which you can download for FREE below, which really helped to keep me focus and NOT spend any money outside of my very strict budget of £50 per week. Oh and I loved colouring it in! My budget works out at £20 per week for petrol and £30 per week for food shopping and anything else.

Yes this is a tight budget, I realise that. I will start a new job next week which will be working from home so my petrol costs will be minimal.

My food budget of £30 per week is for 1 adult (me) and my nine year old daughter. The pets have their own little sinking fund. It is tight but doable as long as I meal plan and use ingredients I already have in. Basically organisation is key here!

This is day 1 of the No Spend Month so I have drawn out my £50 for the week and I will now take all my cards out of my purse/phone case so I am not tempted to spend.

If your doing it with me, let me know how your getting on in the comments below and GOOD LUCK!!


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