Top Tips for Match Betting

This year I got my head stuck into match betting and have been carefully working my way through all the sign up offers on Profit Accumulators website. What I love the most is the step-by-step videos and instructions telling me exactly what I need to do. You can’t go wrong really, well unless you did what I did and backed something twice without laying it … I only lost £20 but it’s so important to check, check and double check what you are doing and always make sure you back AND lay the same thing.

I don’t want to scare you off match betting. The reason why I lost that money was because of my error, it’s not because it’s too hard. If you don’t read the information correctly, like I didn’t, there is a risk you can lose money. I have been doing this every day for just over a week and I have managed to make nearly £300 with the help of my trusty checklist.

Before I put any bets on now, so I don’t make the same mistake again, I check my tips to make sure I have done everything right. In fact I have found it so helpful, I thought I’d share it 🙂

My Top Tips

  1. Use decimal odds. If you can’t see how to change them on the site, use Google (Good old Google always saves the day)!
  2. Check, check and double check the minimum odds you need for you qualifying bet
  3. Do the qualifying bet first and the free bets once the qualifying bets have settled (completed) and are available
  4. Use the Oddsmatching software from Profit Accumulator
  5. Make sure you back and lay the same EXACT thing – check exact names, time of race/game and what your backing – win/draw/exact goals/horse name
  6. The back and lay odds need to be as close together as possible for you to maximise your profits. The higher the rating, the better the match.
  7. If the odds at the bookies/exchange site are showing different to the ones on Oddsmatcher, change them on oddsmatcher
    so you have up to date figures to work with
  8. When using the free bets, use higher odds as this will get you more profit. However, the higher the odds, the more money you will have to put in your account as a liability.
  9. Always do the back bet first and then the lay bet
  10. On a free bet, you don’t add anything in the stake button, but you do need to make sure you use your free bet
  11. Do not bet on Tennis matches!! This was my mistake, and neither opponent won so therefore both my back and lay bet lost
  12. Make sure your lay bet hasn’t been put down as a back bet in error. This is also one of my mistakes as I thought all exchanges were lay bets only – silly me!! I am not sure of other exchange sites but on Smarkets a lay bet is shown as SELL in blue, whereas a back bet is shown as BUY in green.
  13. I place my bets on the same day as the game or the race. This means I can check weather and see if any horses have been withdrawn. It also means I can get my profits quicker.
  14. If I need to do a qualifying bet, I try and do it in the morning for a game/race at lunch time and then when it has finished, I can hopefully put the free bet on the evening games/races. Not all bookies give free bets straight away, but most have once the qualifying bet has settled.
  15. I try and put as many bets on as I can in a day – the most I did was 13! I was doing it for 6 hours through out the day but made £70 odd in total.
  16. At the moment, I stick to football and horse racing but I avoid horse racing when it’s bad weather
  17. Keep a notebook of all your bets. I list the date and time of the race/game, bet amount, odds for back and lay, what bookies and exchange I have used, whether it’s a qualifying, free or reload bet. I also keep track of profit made and where all my money is, what amounts are with each bookie and exchange and any amounts I have withdrawn and am waiting for them to credit.
  18. I use a separate bank account and debit card for all my match betting transactions. I transferred over £500 and see that money as my match betting money. When I balance my accounts every day/few days I know anything over £500 is my profit.

If you are looking at getting into match betting as a side hustle, don’t forget to head over to my blog post ‘How to Get Your Head Around Match Betting’ to help you get started.

Good Luck!!

I want to add, match betting is meant to be a fun way to make a little extra money. If you start actually betting and risking your money then please stop. I wouldn’t want for match betting to become a trigger for you if you have an addictive personality or gambling problems in the past. It can be addictive but make sure you are always match betting and not actual gambling where there is a risk of losing your money. Stay safe x

Affiliate Disclosure
I am an affiliate for Profit Accumulator so if you were to click on the links and sign up for the monthly subscription, I will receive an affiliate commission, at no extra cost to you! I will only recommend services and products used by me personally and which I consider will be of benefit to my readers.


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