How to Get Your Head around Match Betting

Match Betting – What is it?

First of all, let’s clear up the main worry when you hear the words ‘Match Betting’ – It’s NOT betting!!

When I first heard of it, I thought “nope it’s definitely not for me, I don’t want to get into that” as I didn’t fully understand it and thought I would lose money. But after doing some research (lots), I found it’s not betting at all. You don’t put yourself at risk – only as long as you follow the process and do it right.

This is my understanding – Match betting is betting on both outcomes to release free bets and bonuses.

In more detail, it’s putting on a back bet and a lay bet so you have covered both outcomes so either way you win. Another way of looking at it is, a back bet is saying that something WILL happen and a lay bet is saying that something WON’T happen.

It’s very important that you back and lay the same thing

For example: There is a game of football between Swindon V Portsmouth

I am going to bet on Portsmouth to win, so at a bookmakers I will place a back bet on Portsmouth and then at a betting exchange I will place a lay bet also on Portsmouth. Basically, I am betting for Portsmouth to win and lose.

A few important points to note:

  • Back bets are placed at bookmakers (bookies) and lay bets are placed with betting exchanges
  • Using free bets and bonuses is how you make your money

Knowing what to bet on is the most difficult part, especially if you are like me and have absolutely no experience of sports or racing. But this is where Profit Accumulator comes in. Profit Accumulator is a platform that not only helps you to understand in detail how match betting works but tells you what bets to put on. Simple right!!

They can help you to understand how match betting works with in depth videos you can watch over and over again (I know because I have done this), they guide you through making your first betting profits by showing you how to take advantage of the free bets bookmakers offer AND once you have mastered that you can sign up with them so you can have access to their platform to know what back and lay bets to bet on in the future.  

You can sign up with them for the free trial which gives you access to a couple of offers and then like I did, you can sign up to have access to many more for a monthly fee. I was a free member and now have a platinum membership which costs £24.99 a month.

Before you sign up to bookmakers and betting exchanges (like I did), the first thing I would say to do is look at Profit Accumulator using this link and sign up for the free trial. Watch all the free videos available that guide you through the process and have a go at placing your first bets and making your first profits (you need about £50 to make a start). I personally think the videos are just brilliant and have watched them so many times.

Some Pros and Cons of Match Betting:


  • You can make money!
  • You have Profit Accumulator to help you through the process


  • Takes time to learn what you need to do
  • You have to put your own money up to cover liability although this is risk free


It’s not a get rich scheme but it can be a great way to make a few quid or two. Bookies want to attract new customers so offer free bets and bonuses and with about 100 bookmakers out there, that’s lots of free bets!

What I will say is I would have never of understood the process of match betting without Profit Accumulator and whilst writing this post I decided I wanted to become an affiliate for them just because I think they are just so damn good, so in the interests of being transparent please see the disclosure below.

Affiliate Disclosure

I am an affiliate for Profit Accumulator so if you were to click on the link and make a purchase, I will receive an affiliate commission, at no extra cost to you! I only recommend services and products used by me personally and which I consider will be of benefit to my readers.


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