My Moneywise Plan

When I first thought about getting real and paying off all the debt, I tried everything in the list below;

  • Surveys
  • Budgets
  • Cash jars
  • Cut up the credit cards
  • Got a load of finance books from the library
  • Took on a 2nd and 3rd job
  • Enrolled in some online training so I could take on a 4th job
  • Told all my friends and family
  • Wrote lists for the food shopping
  • Meal planned and then meal prepped
  • Sold as much stuff on Facebook Marketplace as I could

I started writing down every time I made a payment to my credit card, £2 here and £5 there. It didn’t seem a lot at the time but somehow, I was managing to make a payment of something nearly every day. Several months on I now need to evaluate some of the things I am doing so I can start to work smarter and not so hard.

I did them all. I worked every hour of every day

The first thing I am going to stop doing is surveys. First of all they take up a lot of your time which I guess is ok if you have spare time on your hands which I unfortunately don’t and as I make a very little amount from surveys when I compare it to my other side hustle they have to go. I made about £20 for hours and hours of work so it really isn’t worth my time.

The rest I am still continuing on with for now and as I am not doing surveys anymore I may have a little more time to plan some different meals because fair to say we are getting really sick of pasta and spag bol!


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